March 2005


March 2005

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Mandated Lay Ministry
Kristian Paver

With changes in pastoral structures in many dioceses, this article explores the place and significance of ‘mandated lay ministry’ from a theological, canonical and practical level.

Karl 1: A Controversia l Beatification
Maria Dowling

Hailed by John Paul II as a 'friend of peace', Karl I is viewed by some as a war criminal. Here, an historian looks at the controversial figure of Karl I.

Easter Light: The insights of René Girard
Michael Kirwan SJ

The mimetic theory of René Girard offers a fresh way of understanding the significance of the violence of Holy Week, and of Christ's generous self-offering on the Cross.

A Paddle in Armed Forces’ Chaplaincy
Paul Donovan

Here a Naval chaplain explores some of the dynamics surrounding the place and role of chaplains in the Armed Forces.

Celebrating Mass in Catholic Primary Schools
Mary England

A practicing teacher considers how to enable primary school children to participate in the celebration of Mass.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: What happe ns in the RCIA? (Part 2)
Diana Klein

This is the second article in this series which considers the third stage in the RCIA process.

A resource worth cherishing
David Jones

The recent publication by the Bishops of England & Wales, Cherishing Life, is considered here in relation to its usefulness in exploring moral foundations and principles that do not date.

The Perm anent Diaconate in England and Wales
Christopher Road

The history and development of the permanent diaconate is reviewed here, together with some pointers that may assist its further development.

Defendin g Human Dignity in the Catholic Workplace
Gerard Mannion

This article calls for a pro-active promotion of good management, organisational and economic practice to safeguard and enhance the dignity of ecclesial workers, arguing that economic expediency should never take precedence over gospel values in the Catholic workplace.

Signs of Hope: Enabling Participation
Barbara Wallace

For the second article in this series, ‘Signs of Hope’, Barbara Wallace reflects on some pastoral initiatives taking place in the diocese of Arundel & Brighton.

Agency: Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)
John Pontifex

Helping the faithful in their darkest hour. John Pontifex explores the work of Aid to the Church in Need, the Catholic charity which inspires people the world over to care for Christians who suffer for their faith.

Old Testament Chronicle
Bernard Robinson

The author casts an eye over another set of recent books on the Old Testament, including three excellent studies of the Psalms.

Beginning Priesthood 2: Ten places or spaces to visit after ordination
Paul McGinn

This is the second in a series of short articles for newly ordained priests.

Reflecting on the Word: Introduction to weekdays in March & April 2005
Tarcisius Mukuka

Weekdays in March and April 2005
Duncan Macpherson


BAD MAD OR GOD: Proving the Divinity of Christ from St. John’s Gospel
John Redford
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A Place of Redemption: A Christian Approach to Punishment and Prison
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales
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Homilies for Weddings and Funerals
Joseph Pollard
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Deacons and the Church
Owen F Cummings
Paulist Press, £9.14
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Hunger for the World: Lectionary Reflections on Food and Justice. Year A
Larry Hollar (Editor)
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An intelligent person’s guide to CHRISTIAN ETHICS
Alban McCoy
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