January 2002


January 2002

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A limitless generosity?
The Editor

In this issue you will read many interesting articles on actual religious topics. You can use this data to get inspired and research one of the topics separately, buy phd dissertation if you get confused at the stage of creating a paper, or want to read more about a certain issue.

Chrys McVay OP

How does your understanding of the Church’s mission change when you have lived in a predominantly Muslim society? Chrys McVey, an American Dominican who has lived for many years in Pakistan and taught at the national seminary there, reflects on his understanding of the gospel, ‘To live outside the camp is to be in a privileged position, to discover, with others, what God is really about, and what it means to be Church.’

What does 'Church mean today?
Frederick M. Bliss SM

How did the church arrive at her present self-understanding? Frederick Bliss, a New Zealand Marist, who teaches at the Angelicum in Rome on ecumenism and the Church, traces three histories which can help us to place the last century's church teaching on ecumenism: 'It was a century that drew up an ecclesial agenda, which the twenty-first century has no option but to address.'

How do we evangelise?
Clare Watkins

Clare Watkins is Director of Studies at the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, in Cambridge. Here she considers why Catholics are so reluctant to evangelise, and suggests that rediscovering a theology of grace could help them to overcome this reluctance.

A more generous hospitality?
Christopher Lightbound

One Bread One Body appeared in 1998. Here Mgr Christopher Lightbound, who is parish priest of St Mary of the Angels at Childer Thornton, South Wirral, and former Vicar General of the Diocese of Shrewsbury, suggests a more liberal interpretation of the general norms of the document, to be more welcoming to other Christians in intercommunion. 'Has the time not come, three years on, when our bishops might review the General Norms applying them with generous flexibility?'

The Pope and the Orthodox
Christopher Cviic

Why has the Pope encountered such hostility from the Orthodox Christians on his travels? Christopher Cviic is a journalist who, for two decades, doubled up as East European and Religious Affairs correspondent for The Economist. Here he traces the history of such antagonism but asks: 'Could a miracle happen and this year's papal visits to the Orthodox take in Moscow and Misnk as well as Sofia?'

Brothers and sisters in faith
Michael Barnes SJ

What is needed for interreligious dialogue in British society? Michael Barnes is a Jesuit who lives in Southhall and teaches theology ay Heythrop College. Here he insists that such dialogue should not be seen as just the interest of a few enthusiasts in a society which has privatised the notion of religion. 'Unless dialogue in all its forms is rooted in the life, prayer and worship of the local Christian community it is liable to become a fringe activity...'

Preaching and teaching the World
Adrian Gates

Adrian Gates, parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, offers some reflections on the lectionary readings for the Sundays and feast days of February.

Pastoralia: Interchurch families
Ruth Reardon

An international conference of interchurch families held in Edmonton, Canada, last summer appealed for a 'pastoral understanding' for such families that goes beyond 'pastoral care'. Inspired by the 'three phases of pastoral care' quoted in Priests and People, August-September 2001, Ruth Reardon, a president of the Association of Interchurch Families, applies them to the pastoral understanding of mixed marriages between baptised Christians.

Old Testament chronicle
Bernard Robinson

Bernard Robinson, who until his recent retirement taught Scripture at Ushaw College, Durham, gives his reactions to another miscellany of recent books on the Old Testament.

Postscript: Money matters
Vicky Cosstick


What Did the Biblical Writers Know and When Did They Know It? What archaeology can tell us about the reality of ancient Israel
William G. Dever
Grand Rapids and Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2001, £16.99
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Glimpses of a Strnage Land: studies in OLd Testament ethics
Cyril S. Rodd
T & T Clark, £29.95
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The Bible, Theology, and Faith: a study of Abrahm and Jesus
R.W.L. Moberly
Cambridge University Press, £14.99
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The Psalms: an introduction
James L. Crenshaw
Eerdmans, £9.99
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Psalms (Old Testament Readings)
Alistair G. Hunter
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B.S Childs
Westminster John Knox Press, £35
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