March 2002


March 2002

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Life-enhancing sacrifice
The Editor

Sacrifice is the body language of love
Luke Timothy Johnson

The idea of sacrifice is central to the Easter mystery, but many find it a difficult concept to use. Luke Timothy Johnson, who is professor of New Testament at the Chandler School of Theology, Emory University, Georgia, USA, seeks to rehabilitate it. 'Paying close attention to human experiences can help us recover some sense of the meaning of sacrifice as the body language of love.

John McDade SJ

How does the theme of sacrifice help us to draw out the significance of Christ’s death? John McDade, a Jesuit theologian who is Principal of Heythrop College in the University of London, looks first at the way Christ sacrificed himself out of love for us and then at how his death is seen ‘as a sacrifice performed for the atonement of sins’.

The peace and promise of Christ
Tina Beattie

Theology in each age must bring new insights to traditional beliefs. Tina Beattie, a theologian and author of several books, examines the sacrifice of The Mass and suggests that there are 'two dimensions that have yet to come to fruition in our worship - non-viloence and maternity'.

A risk rooted in trust
Roderick Strange

We may be asked to make heroic sacrifices are quite prosaic. Roderick Strange, a priest of the Shrewsbury dioceses and Rector of the Beda College in Rome, examines examples of sacrifice and asks: 'What inspires us to sacrifice? We have to decide. If our treasure is made real for us in Christ, his sacrifice guides us.'

Healing depression
Jack Dominian

Depression is a very common illness in our society. Jack Dominian, who is chairman of One Plus One and a former consultant psychiatrist, reviews here a book by Jean Vanier and develops his own ideas on the subject.

The passion in Surrey
Mary Beal

We need continually to interpret Christ's passion for our own times, through preaching, painting, liturgy, music and drama. Mary Beal, who is a curator of research and conservation at the British Government Art Collection, describes a Passion play enacted in Gatton Park, Surrey, a 're-enactment of the ultimate sacrifice of love for the sake of an indifferent and uncomprehending world'.

Preaching and teachng the world
Paul Rowan

Paul Rowan was, until recently, the Roman Catholic chaplain at University Hospital, Aintree, and lectures in theology at Liverpool Hope University. Here he offers some reflections on the lectionary readings for Sundays and Solemnities of April.

PASTORALIA - Includin the person who is deaf
Margaret Duffy RSM

How are people who have hearing difficulties enabled to participate fully in the Church's life? Sr Margaret Duffy, Co-ordinator of the Brentwood Diocesan Pastoral Deaf Service, suggests ways in which better communication can solve many of the problems they encounter.

Postscript: Our proper place


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