April 2002


April 2002

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A lived faith
The Editor

Witness in the book of Acts
Justin Taylor SM

Throughout the Easter season the Church reads the Acts of the Apostles. At its beginning Jesus tells the apostles that they will be his witness. Justin Taylor, a Marist from New Zealand, teaches New Testament at the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem and is author of a commentary on Acts. Here he examines what witness meant in apostolic times and suggests what it might ‘mean today to be a witness to Jesus ‘ressurection’.

Naught for our comfort?
Angela Cunnungham

What does witness mean for us today? Angela Cunningham, who works in development of the voluntary sector, grant giving and project management, looks at some contemporary witnesses and recommends them because they can ‘enlarge the scope of our understanding, our vision and hence our response to God’.

Martyrdom and apostasy in the early Church
Denis Minns OP

How did Christians witness to their faith in the early Church? Denis Minnus, an Australian Dominicans, is author of a book on Irenaeus and prior of Blackfriars, Oxford, where he teaches patristics, Here he examines the evidence and draws a conclusion for today.

Jean-Jacques Pérennès OP

In a world where inter-religious tension can lead to violence, Pierre Claverie, Bishop of Oran, was a witness to Christ’s reconciliation. Here Jean-Jacques Pérennès, who works at the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies in Cairo and is author of a best-selling biography of the bishop, describes his life and death.

Preaching the resurrection today
Peter Cornwell

How do you preach a good sermon on the resurrection? Peter Cornwell, formerly chaplain at Prior Park College, Bath, and a regular contributor, guides us through the different ays the New Testament preaches the resurrection so that e can ‘bring alive today the written apostolic witness of yesterday’.

When death is the cost of Love
Dorinda Tadiello CMS

The witness to Christ is strong in Africa. Here Dorinda Tadiello, a Comboni sister, describes the dedication of a medical doctor, Matthew Lukwiya in the face of a dangerous epidemic in Uganda. ‘In a praise of God for the wonderful gift he has given in this great “martyr of love”.’

Preaching and teaching th World
Bridget Tighe FMD

Sr Bridget Tighe, principal of the Margaret Neaufort Institute of Theology in Cambridge, offers reflections on the lectionary readings for the Sundays and Holy Days of May.

PASTORALIA - Weeks of faith – and fun
Stephen and Mary Ashton

Developing strong faith communities is the first step in the ‘new evangelisation’. For one young family this experience of Church was realised through the Catholic People’s Weeks – and they hope that it can be so for many others.


Anyone for Alpha?
Stephen Hunt
Darton, Longman and Todd, £795
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Small Communities in Religious Life: making them work
Catherine Widdicombe
Lutterworth Press, £15
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Consultancy, Ministry and Mission: a handbook for practitioners and work consultants in Christian organisations.
George Lovell
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Parish Leadership Groups: a resource book
Oonagh O'Brien and Julie Kavanagh
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The Gift of the Church: a textbook on ecclesiology in honor of Patrick Granfield OSB
edited by PAtrick Granfield and Peter C Phan
Liturgical Press, £35.99
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Modern Russian Theology. Bukharev, Soloviev, Bulgakov: Orthodox theology in a new key
Paul Valliere
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