November 2002


November 2002

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You are to honour old age’

Will you still care for me when I’m 84?
Peter Jeffery CSSp

Peter Jeffery, a Holy Ghost Father, had a book published last year on ethical aspects of ageing and care.* He asks here how frail old age can be something other than a series of difficulties and problems for all concerned. He suggests that a recovery of the Christian concept of compassion in the caring process can be a healing experience for both the elderly person and the carer.

Betrayal of a generation
Peter H. Millard

Peter H. Millard is the Emeritus Professor of Geriatrics, St George’s Hospital Medical School. He is a member of the Bishops’ Bio-ethical Committee, a past President of the British Geriatrics Society, a health adviser to the National Pensioners’ Convention and a Visiting Professor to Health and Social Care Modelling Group at the University of Westminster, London.

Ready, willing and older
Michael Apichella

Michael Apichella is an American living in Britain. Journalist, speaker, and university professor, he is the author of many books, including The Church’s Hidden Asset – empowering the older generation.* Here he argues that the elderly are an asset, not a liability, to any parish.

Peter Stanford

Death and the hereafter are subjects deeply unsettling in today’s consumerist culture, yet the Church seems reluctant to speak clearly about the Christian understanding of an afterlife. Writer and broadcaster Peter Stanford, whose latest book is Heaven: a traveller’s guide to the undiscovered country,* suggests that it would be healthier for us to do some serious thinking about heaven.

A community of care
Tom Ely

The ‘community of care’ is the Over 60s Club at St Mary’s, Grantham. Tom Ely, a Knight of Malta, tells the story of a self-organising group working together as a team support network for older people within and beyond the Church, befriending the sick and the lonely, encouraging and sustaining at times of adversity, and with a special love and care for the least of their brethren.

‘If you do this to the least…’
John Cullen

Thirty-two-year-old bank worker John Cullen joined a party accompanying Fr Ken Payne of Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, on one of his regular visits to Kingston, Jamaica. He tells, in a parish talk, of his time spent with the Missionaries of the Poor and of how his experiences there of poverty and deprivation have made him realise just how blessed he is and how much he has been given.

Preaching and teaching the Word
Peter Cornwell

Peter Cornwell, formerly chaplain at Prior Park College, Bath, offers some reflections on the lectionary readings for Christmas and the Sundays of December.

Pastoralia - Starting an Ascent group
Paula Conrad

Where can the over-fifties find spirituality, mission and friendship in their parishes? The Ascent Movement provides for just such needs in its groups. Paula Conrad is the archivist and a regional vice-president for the Ascent Movement in the UK. She describes how it started, what it does and how new groups can be formed.

Postscript: Helping the laity to grow up


Going Against the Stream: ethical aspects of ageing and care
Peter Jeffery
Gracewing, 2001, £14.99
Tablet Bookshop Price: £ Tel: 01420 592 974

The Days Before…Seen With New Eyes: week-days of Advent – readings and reflections
Nicholas King
CB Publications, £2.50
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Thy Kingdom Come: an Advent course for Catholics based on Year B of the Lectionary
Deborah M. Jones
Kevin Mayhew, £4.99
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Shades of welcome
Kenneth Payne
Upfront Publishing Ltd, £9.99
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