December 2002


December 2002

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From lifeless to lively liturgies
The Assistant Editor

Timothy Radcliffe OP

Preaching is a crucial part of our worship, but how do we find the transforming language to talk about our faith? Timothy Radcliffe, who till last year was Master General of the Dominican Order, looks at the supreme transformative event of the Last Supper and suggests ways that ‘our preaching of the gospel could come to sparkle with something of its power’.

A passion for liturgy
Allen Morris

How often does the liturgy really excite us? Allen Morris, a priest of Westminster Diocese who is Secretary to the Department of Christian Life and Worship of the Conference of Bishops of England and Wales, recognises there is much that can be improved on in our liturgy. He offers a challenge and a programme to our parishes. ‘We are called to be other Christs and the rhythms and symbols of the liturgy are there to help us to do it.’

Lay leadership in the liturgy
Marian E. Tolley

In the face of the familiar warning about the declining number of priests Marian Tolley is hopeful about what the laity can do. She gives workshops in music and liturgy in the Diocese of Wrexham and throughout Britain. ‘Perhaps the most hopeful development is the way in which lay people are educating themselves to satisfy their desire to know more about the liturgy, theology and ministry.’

Epiphany in East and West
John Baggley

Orthodox mid-winter liturgies differ from those of Roman Catholics. John Baggley, writer of several books on icons, is parish priest of Corpus Christi, Headington, Oxford. Here he looks at the Orthodox tradition of liturgical poetry and iconography used for the Epiphany and asks what would happen ‘if the “western lung” of Christendom became more familiar with the breath of Life which is enjoyed by the “eastern lung”?’

No room at the inn
Ken Payne

The New Testament insists that Christians should practise hospitality. Ken Payne, who is parish priest of St Aidan’s in Little Chalfont, Bucks, suggests how we might do this ‘in our liturgy, in our Christian communities and presbyteries, and in our homes’.

A missionary’s view

Preaching and teaching the Word
Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards is assistant priest at St Philip Howard’s, Cambridge. Here he offers some reflections for the lectionary readings for the Sundays in January.

PASTORALIA - Criminal justice
Stuart Dew

Stuart Dew, a former probation officer, is the Churches’ Criminal Justice Forum’s criminal justice officer. He describes the work of the Forum, which was set up as an ecumenical group to raise awareness of criminal justice concerns in local churches. The Catholic Agency for Social Concern is centrally involved.

Postscript: Re-translating the Mass


Faith, Science and Understanding
John Polkinghorne
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The Work of Love: creation as kenosis
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Reproductive Technology: towards a theology of procreative stewardship
by Brent Waters
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The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church: unmasking a cuckoo’s egg tradition
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Justice, Peace and the Dominicans 1216-2001
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