January 2003


January 2003

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Dialoguing with the truth
The Editor

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Cardinal Walter Kasper

Walter, Cardinal Kasper is the President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity. Here he describes how the progress of ecumenism has reached a time of crisis, but also of real, if incomplete, unity. He offers six proposals towards an ‘ecumenism of life’, adding that ‘we need new ecumenical enthusiasm. But this does not mean devising unrealistic utopias of the future.’ 

A Muslim speaks to Christians
Tobias (Alí Músá) Mayer

Toby Mayer is a practising Muslim and lecturer in Islamic philosophy at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Here he describes ‘some of the ways in which Islam may complement Christianity’ in the quest for a deeper dialogue between the two faiths.

Crosses and crescents
André Villeneuve OP

‘True dialogue between Christianity and Islam is still far ahead of us’, says André Villeneuve, a lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Dominican University College of Philosophy and Theology in Ottawa, Canada. But is he pessimistic? ‘I think not. We need realism and hope.’ Here he provides some of both.

Listening to the non-believer
Peter Fleetwood

Peter Fleetwood is a priest of the Archdiocese of Liverpool who has been working in Rome for the Pontifical Council for Culture since 1995. Here he shares some of the insights gained by working on dialogue with unbelievers and suggests ways in which people in parishes can become fruitfully involved.

RC-Anglican relations today
Don Bolen

What is the latest news about RC-Anglican relations? Don Bolen is a Canadian priest working for the Pontifical Commission for the Promotion of Christian Unity. He has recently returned from the Unity conference in Malta, in which the search for doctrinal unity was seen to be accompanied by ‘the task of giving flesh to the partial communion which presently exists’.

Blessings in Bradford
Mollie Somerville

Mollie Somerville, a Catholic teaching in a Muslim school in Bradford, reflects on her own life ‘in the hope that others will recognise that they too are involved in dialogue and that their understanding of others’ truth, others’ beliefs and practices, is a blessing to be shared and an integral part of being a Christian’.

Preaching and teaching the Word
Janet Lash

Janet Lash, a retired teacher and a catechist, is a volunteer at the Margaret Beaufort Institute in Cambridge. Here she offers her reflections on the lectionary readings for the Sundays of February.

Pastoralia - Reporting on today’s youth
Avril Baigent

‘Are current teenagers the “lost generation” we seem to hear so much about, or are they abandoning congregations for another reason altogether?’ Avril Baigent, recently appointed Youth Officer for the Diocese of Northampton, published her researches into this question in The Y Church Report, and describes the highlights of her findings here.

Postscript: There must be some mistake!
Vicky Cosstick


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