December 2003


December 2003

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Christ the Lord
The Editor

Christ in the Gospels
Ian Boxall

Should we ask of the birth stories about Jesus: ‘Did it happen like this?’ Ian Boxall, who teaches New Testament in the University of Oxford, shows how the more important questions the evangelists were posing are: ‘Who is this Jesus of Nazareth? Where has he come from?’ And, perhaps most significantly, ‘Where is he going?’

Thomas Weinandy OFM Cap

How did the theologians of the early centuries understand Christ? Thomas Weinandy, the warden of Greyfriars in Oxford, who teaches theology in the university, describes three principles worked out by the early Church and applies them to some contemporary questions.

The world is not condemned
Anne Inman

How do modern theologians help us to draw out the meaning of Christmas, so that we can use it in our teaching and parish preaching? Anne Inman, who teaches theology at Birkbeck College, London, shows how Karl Rahner and Jon Sobrino help us to appreciate three Christmas themes: the need to communicate the true meaning of the feast, the need to feed the hungry, and the need to experience the joy of Christmas.

Celebrating the liturgy of Christmastide
Stephen Dean

How does the liturgy deepen our understanding of the Incarnation? Stephen Dean, who is music adviser for the Diocese of East Anglia, explains the reasons for the origins of the Christmas liturgical cycle and shows how ‘the history of the liturgy reflects that of the gospel’.

Understanding the Incarnation
Robert Esdaile

Robert Esdaile, a priest of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton and Roman Catholic Chaplain to the University of Sussex, reflects on how to make sense of the Incarnation in contemporary culture. ‘The Incarnation has not attained its purpose until we have embraced it.’

Preaching and teaching the Word
Kevin McKevitt

Kevin McKevitt, formerly Senior Lecturer in English Literature at Newbury College, is married with two children and is a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Portsmouth. Here he offers some reflections on the lectionary readings for the Sundays of January 2004 and the Epiphany.

Viewpoint: A future for faith schools?
Jerome Hanratty

Viewpoint: Clerical retirement
Canon Dermod Fogarty

Pastoralia - Samaritans always there for you

Postscript: The reserved sacrament
Bruce Harbert


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