November 2004


November 2004

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Farewell – and greetings
Michael D. Phelan - Chairman of Priests and People

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Ian Boxall

Ian Boxall, who teaches Scripture in Oxford and is author of Revelation: vision and insight (London: SPCK, 2002), describes here how the apocalyptic tradition has been misused in the past and, in some circumstances, today. He suggests that some decoding of the ‘hidden writings’ is helpful, but so is understanding the historical situation in which they were composed.

The parish: cell and sacrament of just living
Paul Hypher

Paul Hypher, a retired priest of the Diocese of East Anglia, here explores the meaning, tradition and function of the parish, a structure ‘called to be a cell and sacrament of just living which ... cannot but be evangelising even in the most secular of societies’.

To renew the face of the earth
Gerard Hanlon

Gerard Hanlon, a priest serving in the Apostolic Vicariate of Iquitos, Peru, suggests that ecological issues should be given a higher priority in the life of the Church than they have been – before it is too late. ‘Christians have a duty to denounce the destruction of nature and the grave injustice that is being committed on behalf of the rich against the poor.’

E-learning in today’s Church
Ros Stuart-Buttle

E-learning (using internet technologies) is rapidly becoming an exciting and viable form of teaching and learning in continuing and higher education. Ros Stuart-Buttle, Assistant Director of St Bede's Institute, Ushaw College, Durham, evaluates the e-opportunities for furthering adult religious education and training in a twenty-first-century Church.

Teaching love in the primary school
Jack Dominian

The distinguished psychiatrist Jack Dominian gives his personal view of what constitutes an education for love for children between the ages of five and eleven. ‘Children can pass and master all the subjects of the curriculum, but teaching the lesson of love above all is our primary task as Christian teachers.’

How to engage children during Sunday Mass
Barbara Mary Hopper

How can children be helped towards full, conscious and active participation in the parish Mass? Barbara Mary Hopper, Parish Administrator of St Thomas More parish, Bramley, Surrey, and Adviser for Liturgy for the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, considers the role of children in the worshipping assembly.

That scary book: the Bible
Christine Dodd

Christine Dodd, the Director of Adult Education for the Hallam Diocese, suggests here ten steps for parish or other groups to get to grips with difficult areas of Scripture to help it become less of a ‘scary book’ for many Christians.

Preaching and teaching the Word
Christopher G. Colven

Christopher G. Colven, parish priest of Our Lady and St Joseph in north London, offers some reflections on the lectionary readings for the Sundays and Solemnities of December.

Postscript: New models for old
Christine Fletcher


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Rowan Williams
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