Vol. 12 No. 4 APRIL 1998


Until Christ be formed in you
The Editor

How psychology can help spirituality
Jack Dominian
Our spiritual growth will be helped if we have some insight into our psychology. Jack Dominian, who was a senior consultant psychiatrist at the Central Middlesex Hospital and is now the chairman of One plus One, shows how love has the pre-eminent role in spirituality and how 'dynamic psychology has made a great contribution to understanding love'.

Growth in the New Testament
Philip Seddon
The New Testament offers us a very useful critique of much contemporary language about growth which often emphasises personal development. Philip Seddon, who lectures in New Testament at the School of Mission and World Christianity at the Selly Oak Colleges in Birmingham, provides us with a rich diet of the teaching of Jesus and Paul to prevent us from false growth, for 'the narcissism of an ego-centred world beckons'.

'Are you growing up in the virtues?'
James F. Keenan SJ
James F. Keenan, who teaches moral theology in Weston Jesuit School of Theology, claims that Christians have too often been challenged by the question 'have you sinned?' instead of the question 'are you growing up?'. Here he shows the theology of virtues has been used in different ways in the tradition and how today it can 'urge us to appropriate virtues that help us to grow'.

One heart at a time: renewing the parish
Donal Harrington
Ten years ago the diocese of Dublin set up a process called 'parish development and renewal'. Donal Harrington described this in Parish Renewal (Colomba Press 1997). Here he points out how a new mind-set is crucial if a parish is to grow. 'If the mind-set is not embraced, there will only be frustration'.

Maturing through prayer
Claire Crossman
Claire Crossman, a dentist and mother of six, describes how she has been helped to find God in her life through such things as a week of accompanied prayer. This is one of the many ways the Church must respond to the 'rapidly growing numbers of people in all walks of life, different Christian denominations and none, who are looking for ways of growing closer to God'.

The soul's search
Sue Garner-Jones
Paralysed in an accident at the age of nineteen, Sue Garner-Jones prayed for healing. She followed the call she heard, and went to Lourdes.

Pentecostalism, growth and ecumenism
Walter J. Hollenweger

What binds marriage?
Kevin T. Kelly
Kevin Kelly, well known moral theologian and author of Divorce and Second Marriage: Facing the Challenge, in this review article looks at a new and important book on marriage.

Preaching and teaching the Word
Peter Cornwell


Book review

Postscript: Holding faith in trust for others
Roderick Strange

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