Vol. 12 No.1 JANUARY 1998


The Spirit seeks unity
The Editor

It is so important to communicate and discuss many issues, including are controversial for us: we need to read a lot of scientific literature, primary sources, buy cheap articles, and also arrange discussions to find the truth. Below you can find useful literature that will help you understand certain problems or consider interesting questions.

A Catholic looks at evangelical Protestants
Thomas F. Stransky

Evangelicals and Catholics together?
Ian Randall
Ian Randall, tutor in church history and spirituality at Spurgeon's College, London, and chairman of the Evangelical Alliance's Commission on Unity and Truth among evangelicals, describes how the changed atmosphere between Catholic and evangelicals has come about in recent decades. He looks to the future recognising the difficulties and yet also the opportunities for greater unity. 

A watershed at the millennium
Martyn Percy
Can the diversity of evangelicals be defined as the year AD 2000 approaches? Canon Martyn Percy, who is the director of the Lincoln Theological Institute for the study of Religion and Society at Sheffield University, offers us a global map of evangelicalism, examining its problems and opportunities. He concludes that 'in the next millennium, there is still everything to play for'.

Our common need to evangelise
Martin Thompson
The Pope has emphasised the importance of evangelisation as a way of preparing for the year 2000. Martin Thompson is parish priest of Our Lady of Ransom and St Gregory, Eastbourne, and director of adult formation for the diocese of Arundel and Brighton. Here he shows how Catholics can use programmes like the Alpha course and other initiatives to work together with evangelicals in promoting a 'new evangelisation' at the parish level.

How much do we leave out?
Cyprian Blamires
It is almost as significant what we leave out of our understanding of Christianity as what we include and emphasise. Cyprian Blamires, regional organiser of the St Barnabus Society, became an evangelical as a young man. Here he describes what attracted him to the movement but also how he realised later that 'my weakness lay not in what I had affirmed so much as in what I had overlooked'.

Growing together towards God
Anna Köhler
Is there a practical way in which Christians of different denominations can deepen their faith together? Anna Köhler, who has just completed her doctorate in physics at Cambridge University, describes her own experience of an interdenominational Bible study group. During five years she discovered 'that there is a surprisingly large common ground'.

Aesthetics and worship
Darrell Hannah
The kind of faith we practice reflects our personal needs but also our theological choices. Darrell Hannah, who is a research fellow in the Department of Biblical Studies at Sheffield University, gives a personal account of how the great gifts of his Baptist heritage were complemented by the beauty of sacramental worship in the Catholic tradition.

Preaching and teaching the word
Janette Gray RSM
Janette Gray, who is an Australian Sister of Mercy completing a doctorate in theology at Cambridge University, offers some reflections on the lectionary readings for the Sundays of February and for Ash Wednesday.

Through a presbytery window

New Testament chronicle
Henry Wansborough OSB

Postscript: Accountability
Vicky Cosstick

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