Vol. 12 No. 3 MARCH 1998


Making time for God
The Editor

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Holy week as living mystery
M. Francis Mannion

Holy Thursday
Raymond Moloney SJ
Raymond Moloney, who teaches theology at Milltown Park, Dublin, helps us to deepen our understanding of the Last Supper liturgy. This is not just to be seen as 'a prelude to the day of the passion. It is really the gateway to the entire paschal mystery.'

Kissing the cross
John McDade SJ
Facing death, how is it possible without fear? John McDade, head of systematic theology at Heythrop College, University of London, reminds us 'our world will be defined neither by its suffering, nor by its violence, nor by its dissolution in death...'

Judas and the face of Christ
Mary Beal
Judas was both betrayer and friend. Mary Beal, who is curator of research and conservation at the British Government Art Collection, reminds us that 'the truth remains that at the heart of the challenge to love our neighbour as ourselves stands Judas.'

Light in the Easter Vigil
Nichola Emsley
The Vigil liturgy celebrates Christ's cosmic victory through the rich language of symbols. Nichola Emsley, a Benedictine from Abtei S. Scholastika , Dinklage, Germany, who has recently completed a doctorate in liturgy at Rome, focuses on the central symbol of light so that by meditating on it, we can enter more deeply into the Easter mystery.

New bread, new life
Bruce Harbert
Bruce Harbert, from the diocese of Arundel and Brighton, is priest-in-charge of the parish of St Anne, Streetly, and lectures in patristics and dogmatic theology at St Mary's College, Oscott. In this article he explores the significance of Jesus' resurrection during the days of unleavened bread.

Getting the ceremonies right
Peter J. Elliot
The ceremonies of Holy Week can often be performed in a careless, sloppy way unless time is spent in preparation. Mgr Peter Elliott, who is author of Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rites (Ignatius Press) insists the time is well spent and he proves a sure guide for each service. 'Working together and making the most of the signs and symbols we can face Holy Week with joy, not apprehension.'

Preaching and teaching the Word
Gary Lysaght
Gary Lysaght is a priest of the Southwark diocese who teaches moral theology at Wonersh seminary. Here he offers some reflections on the lectionary readings for Holy Week and the Sundays of April.


Book review

Postscript: Go show yourself to the priest
Maureen Lynch

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