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The sacrament of Lent
Bruce Harbert
How should we celebrate Lent? To understand how to celebrate lent, it is worth tracing the genesis, so ask someone write my research outline for me on this topic at to be sure that nothing has been missed and explore the specifics lent. Bruce Harbert is parish priest of the parish of St Anne, Streetly. Here he examines the renewed liturgy of Lent in the light of Roman traditions and the teachings of St Leo. 'The "new" Lent is really the ancient Lent revived, renewed by the discovery of the depth and richness of the traditions of the Roman Rite'.

Was Jesus tested?
Jerome Murphy-O'Connor OP
In Lent the Christian is invited to follow Jesus into the desert. Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, a Dominican who is professor of New Testament at the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem, interprets the accounts of Jesus' temptations in the desert and concludes that 'God did not grant him immunity from the pressures that make human life an eternal contest for fidelity'.

The delights of penance
James T.Burtchaell CSC
The sacrament of penance is a gift from God. James T.Burchaell, author and former professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, points out some of the misunderstandings which have afflicted this sacrament, so that we may more readily receive God's forgiveness and know 'that the Lord is turned towards us when we sin, and turns us back towards himself when he draws us to confess and thus be freed from our sin'.

Lent as detox
Vicky Cosstick

Icons for Lent and Easter
John Baggley
John Baggley, priest in residence at the Sacred Heart in Blackbird Leys, Oxford, shows how the use of icons in the Orthodox tradition can help Western Christians to deepen their appreciation of the mysteries of Lent and Easter. The journey of the heart is something we must all undertake...from the liturgical traditions of Orthodoxy there is good nourishment to sustain us on this journey

Preaching and Teaching the Word
Tony Philpot
Tony Philpot, a priest of the diocese of East Anglia, is chaplain to Pallazola, the English college retreat centre near Rome, and author of Priesthood and Reality (Kevin Mayhew 1998). Here he offers some reflections on the lectionary readings for the Sundays and Solemnities of April.


Parish pastoral councils
Bernard Hypher
Bernard Hypher's article 'A Parish Handbook' in the May 1999 issue produced a large response. While most were interested in the idea of a parish handbook, a number enquired about parish pastoral councils, the secondary theme of the article. Here the author expands on this topic, bringing to it a view derived from his career as a manager in industry and his experiences as a member of parish councils in different parishers.


Book reviews
From a Parish Base. Essays in moral and pastoral theology by Kevin T. Kelly
Darton, Longman and Todd, £11.95


Taste and See - adventuring into prayer, by Margaret Silf
Darton Longman and Todd, £9.99


Postscript:Faith and reason
Lucy Beckett

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