Vol. 12 No. 5 MAY 1998


Finding God in the market
The Editor

A Christian's approach to modern business
Jack Mahoney SJ
Christians in business often feel the disapproval of church members because of widely reported malpractice. Jack Mahoney, who is a Jesuit and Dixons Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility at the London Business School, suggests some of the ways ethical issues can be dealt with so that Christians' involvement in business can be seen as a service to their fellow human beings and a way of 'co-operating with God in his continuing enterprise of human creation'.

Is it the business of the Church?
Michael Phelan

Wealth and property in the New Testament
Luke Timothy Johnson
Can the New Testament teach us anything new about two crucial elements in business - wealth and property? Obviously much has changed in the world since Jesus taught, but Luke Timothy Johnson, who is Professor of New Testament at the Chandler School of Theology in Georgia shows how recent research can provide us with a knowledge which is not 'irrelevant to the way we set about applying the New Testament to our lives'.

Bridging the gap
Helen Alford OP
Helen Alford did a doctorate in business studies at Cambridge before entering the Dominicans. She points out the theoretical and practical factors which create a distance between the business world and church social teaching and suggests ways the gap may be bridged so that we can 'connect social teaching more directly with the lives of our business people'.

Catholic and in business
Paul M. Henkels
'Business is an ideal milieu for living one's Catholic faith.' Paul Henkels, who is the chairman of the major american engineering and construction firm Henkels & McCoy, describes how he has tried to put this statement into practice by living out not business ethics but ethics in business.

Parish assessments
Austin Kinsella OFM
Most businesses have some form of assessments. Why not the Church? Austin Kinsella, parish priest of St Thomas of Canterbury in Woodford Green, Essex , draws on his own experience to point to the advantages of using assessments in the parish.

Preaching and teaching the Word
Nicholas King SJ
Nicholas King, who is Spiritual Director and Lecturer in New Testament at St John Vianney Seminary, Pretoria, South Africa, provides a commentary on the lectionary readings for the Sundays and solemnities of June.

Finding a way through the maze of the New Testament
James Carleton Paget
Studies on the New Testament have become a maze. James Carleton Paget a young scholar lecturing in New Testament at Cambridge in this review article looks at a recent work of Raymond Brown, a veteran master of the guild. does he provide for the interested layman a safe guide through the maze?


Book reviews

Pastoralia: Building the bridge

Postscript: Man
Bruce Harbert

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