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Sharing God's wealth

An issue of equality
Ched Myers

The rich you will always have with you
Paul Vallely
Paul Vallely is a journalist with The Independent, and is on the executive committee of the Catholic Institute for International Relations. Here he suggests that the social teaching of the Church can offer guidance to a society which is undergoing unprecedented changes socially and economically.

The real world of poverty
Duncan MacLaren
The former director of SCIAF (Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund), Duncan MacLaren, now works in Rome as Head of International Relations for Caritas International. He explains how the most dehumanising form of poverty is brought about beyond the control of the individuals affected.

Do our efforts make any difference?
Patricia Pak Poy RSM
Is it possible to change deeply entrenched policies which harm the poor? Patricia Pak Poy, who is an Australian Mercy Sister, describes how, through a careful strategy and persistence, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines did make a difference.

The experience of poverty today
David and Carol Cross
David and Carol Cross have been involved in anti-poverty work in the UK for ten years, and have a group called CAUSE, Catholics Against Unemployment and Social Evils. Here they describe the causes and effects of poverty, and suggest a way for parishes to deal with it.

In the Catholic tradition
St Philip Neri: The Roman reformer
Jerome Bertram
Sixteenth-century Rome witnessed a remarkable transformation in moral tone - largely through the influence of one humble reformer, St Philip Neri. We keep his feast on 26 May. Here, Oratorian Father Jerome Bertram, based at the church of St Aloysius Gonzaga in Oxford, describes the man and his mission.

A parish handbook
Bernard Hypher
Bernard Hypher is a parishioner of St Mary's, Poole in Dorset, and member of the Parish Pastoral Council responsible for the Quarterly Newsletter and Parish Handbook. Before he retired he was a business consultant and spent some years in the publishing industry. Here he describes the Whys and Hows of producing a parish handbook.

Preaching and teaching the Word
Tony Philpot
Mgr Tony Philpot, a priest of the East Anglia diocese, is chaplain to Palazzola, the English College retreat centre near Rome, and author of Priesthood and Reality (Kevin Mayhew, 1998). Here he offers some reflections on the lectionary readings for the Sundays and Solemnities of June.

Book reviews

Postscript: Dome and door
Bruce Harbert

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