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Seeking God's peace
The Editor

Dying and rising in Christ
Peter C.Phan

Losing the fear
Alan Morris
Alan Morris, who is a deacon in the diocese of Shrewsbury, describes how his mother came to terms with death. This experience has helped him to minister to others so that they link their death with Christ's death and resurrection. 'As a community of faith we have to try to lead the dying to see this pattern of death and resurrection already at work in their lives.'

Catechesis for death-catechesis for life
Mary Ann Johnston
How should we provide a catechesis for death? Sister Mary Ann Johnston, a former President of the United States National Conference of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education, shows how our teaching on death must be linked to all the other stages of life. 'Only with death before our eyes...can we see life in this world in its proper perspective and love life with proper energy.'

Living and dying with HIV
Gerry Ennis
A hospice makes preparation for death a present reality. Gerry Ennis, who is the chaplain at the Living Water Centre in London, is co-ordinator of AIDS Pastoral Care for the archdiocese of Westminster. Here he reflects on his experience and describes how people can face death positively. 'It is the virtue of hope which helps us through this most important time of our life.'

It's your funeral
Tony Rogers
There is no more practical way of preparing for death than planning your own funeral. Mgr Tony Rogers, who is secretary of the Committee for Pastoral Liturgy of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales and parish priest of Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Cambridge, offers some suggestions. 'You should not be afraid to talk to someone about planning your own funeral. It is neither morbid nor macabre but is an example of wise stewardship'.

Baptism and Pastoral practice
Bernard Bickers
Baptism is the sacrament of faith but how is it celebrated? Bernard Bickers, a priest of the diocese of Leeds, and former editor of Priests and People, reflects on the different experience of baptism in the Church today and invites discussion 'which would benefit from a generous sharing of good practice and a deeper theological, pastoral and liturgical conversation'.

Further reading on death and hope

Preaching and teaching the Word
Burchell K. Taylor
Burchell Taylor is Pastor of the Bethel Baptist Church in Kingston and was Preacher of the Year in 1997 in Jamaica. Here he offers some reflections on lectionary readings for the Sundays of December and Christmas.


Book reviews

Postscript: Thinking through the tradition
Eamon Duffy

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