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Afr, Archbishop Michael L. Fitzgerald M
Appleyard, Bryan
Armitage, John
Atkins, Margaret
Beattie, Tina
Boxall, Ian
Burrows, Ruth
Thomas Weinandy OFM Cap
Carm, Ruth Burrows O
Carroll, William E.
Connolly, Sean
Conry, Bishop Kieran
Conry, Kieran
Cosstick, Vicky
Curry, James
Duffy, Eamon
Editor, The
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Finaldi, Gabriele
Fisken, Margaret-Ann
Forbes, Anne
Gormally, Luke
Gorsky, Jonathan
Griffiths, Alan
Haldane, John
Hastings, Adrian
and, Bishop John Hind and Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor
Hocken, Peter
Hollenweger, Walter J.
Johnson, Elizabeth A.
Johnson, Luke Timothy
Kasper, Cardinal Walter
Lash, Nicholas
Lawson, Mark
Lee, Simon
Longley, Clifford
Lumley, Joanna
Malone, Bishop Vincent
Mannion, M. Francis
McKee, William
McManus, Jim
Mickens, Robert
Murray, Paul
Myers, Ched
OP, Albert Nolan
OP, Chrys McVey
OP, Donald Goergen
OP, Jean-Jacques Pérennès
OP, Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
OP, Jerome Murphy-O’Connor
OP, Timothy Radcliffe
Orsuto, Donna
P.Imbelli, Robert
Paver, Kristian
Phan, Peter
Phelan, Michael
Prance, Ghillean
Purves, Libby
Ryan, Desmond
SJ, Andrew Cameron-Mowat
SJ, Jacques Dupuis
SJ, John McDade
SJ, Richard J. Hauser
SVD, Michael Blume
Sammon, Seán
Soskice, Janet
David Standley
Stanford, Peter
Strange, Roderick
Stransky, Thomas F.
Watkins, Clare
West, Christopher
Williams, Rowan

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