Archive of Past Contents Pages and Articles


January 2001 Christian unity: What are the prospects?

December 2000 Coming to God through the arts

November 2000 Why Hope?

October 2000 The Restoration of the Hierarchy 1850-2000 - and the future

August/September 2000 Men in the Church

July 2000 Open issue

June 2000 The importance of Devotions.

May 2000 'When did I see you a stranger?'.

April 2000 Resurrection and Renewal

March 2000 Celebrating Lent

February 2000 Tending God's creation

January 2000 An apologia for Catholicism


December 1999 AD 2000: Celebrating Jesus Christ

November 1999 Virtues and vices in your life

October 1999 Science - a help to faith?

August/September 1999 The teacher within us all

July 1999 Open issue

June 1999 The parish of the future

May 1999 Rich world, poor world

April 1999 Can we make sense of the Trinity?

March 1999 Suffering: Why me, Lord?

February 1999 New Movements and the Church

January 1999 Christian Unity: What should we apologise for?


December 1998 1999:The Year of God the Father

November 1998 Facing death with hope

October 1998 'I believe, help my unbelief'

August/September 1998 Young and old people together

July 1998 Open Issue

June 1998 What are they saying about the Sacraments?

May 1998 Business and Christianity

April 1998 Growth in the Spirit

March 1998 Preparing for Holy Week

February 1998 Consuming Passions

January 1998 Catholics and Evangelicals


December 1997 The Incarnation - what does it mean?

November 1997 Sex, Science and playing God

October 1997Watch your language about God

August / September 1997 Authority and Power in the Church

July 1997 Open Issue

June 1997 What Makes a Parish Work?

May 1997 Seek Justice

April 1997 Jesus Saves

March 1997 Lord, Teach us to Pray

February 1997 Faith in the Home

January 1997 The Spiritual Bond between Jew and Christian


December 1996 Year 2000: Preparing for the Millennium

November 1996 Crime and Punishment

October 1996 Mission to All Nations?

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